Auditory Hallucinations

R E D L I N E . EP

1. Melvonna 2. Nineteen 3. Bi-Solar
4. Acid Wave 5. Action Denied 6. Mnemonica

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Visual Stimuli

Visual Stimuli

A Brief History of MomenTem


With the band's debut ambient track "Parting of The Spirit" - soon to be featured in the upcoming Rock/Thriller PLUSH by Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight), MomenTem has covered all ground for an abstract rock project without representation or label affiliation. Spearheaded by Devix Szell & Ryan Crane, the group seems to have musicians coming and going as they please whenever creativity strikes. Corey Miller (Powerflex 5) and even Paul Barker (EX-Ministry) laid down bass and sequences on their indie released cover of Donna Summer & Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire / I Feel Love."

Innovation doesn't seem to be lacking when the doors of the studio close behind MomenTem and the same can be said for performances. 2012 was stocked with residencies in the greater LA area at The Lot 1, Silver Lake Lounge, The Airliner, Boardners and more. An LA band playing more than once a month is certainly something unheard of these days, but they push it like they mean it.  

In an age of 60's fashionistas, Hollywood dreamers, and mall vampires it is an important time for something MODERN to push forward and sweep the leg of society. MomenTem is cursed with the challenge. Youtube reviews do not disagree... this is only the beginning of an eclectic movement the next generation isn't even remotely expecting… 



Dev is featured as "The Magistrate" at The Next Stage in Hollywood, CA in a live rendition of The Dark Side of The Moon which the band themselves have commended.

MomenTem are awaiting various instrumental credits for films.

Corey & Dev are featured in an issue of Cycle Riders, documenting art and their newly discovered relationship. "The Art and Motorcycles of Corey Miller" .

Paul Barker was credited with "Re-Constructive Criticism" on Momentem's 2012 "Red Line" EP and the unreleased "Thru The Uncanny Valley" LP.

Lyrics & vocals were crafted by Dev on an entire album's worth of material, called the Malekko project, featuring Adam Grossman (SKREW/Ministry).


Malekko Heavy Industry

Black Noize